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Vesivek finding its future roofs with Metroc

Vesivek, a Nordic leader in roof renovation, has taken a step forward in its digital transformation by integrating Metroc into its operations.

Vesivek is the largest roof renovation company in the Nordic region. With over 30 years of experience and 50,000 completed roof renovations, Vesivek has established itself as a trusted expert in roof renovation. They are known for their quality and customer satisfaction.

Through Metroc, Vesivek has been able to streamline its project identification and improve its internal processes.

The system gives us faster information about potential projects, schedules and customers, and we can also use the system to document actions in our internal processes.” says Vesivek Sverige AB’s Head of Business Support & Marketing Manager Jonas Syrén.


A new era for project identification

With Metroc, Vesivek has been able to target its marketing and sales more effectively and thus identify new projects faster than ever. This ability to quickly respond to market dynamics is crucial for companies looking to grow and find new projects.

“Through Metroc’s system, we can more quickly identify upcoming or planned projects among our customer groups,” adds Syrén, emphasizing the important role of Metroc in the company’s growth strategy.

Vesivek’s success with Metroc highlights how digital tools can revolutionize the construction industry. Discover more about how Metroc can help your business grow and streamline your processes.