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Technical data on housing companies help Loimua to grow

Energy solutions provider Loimua uses Metroc’s database both to find new customers and to serve its existing customers better.

Loimua Oy is a Finnish company that provides environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions to housing companies and homeowners.

Website: Loimua Oy

Loimua relies on Metroc for access to real-time market information. “Metroc’s software is an extremely useful tool that also helps us to serve our existing customers better”, says Sales Manager Toni Nikkanen.

More efficient customer acquisition with analysed data

Detailed real-time market information plays an important role in Loimua’s customer acquisition process. “We want to know, for example, about housing companies that are planning to replace their district heating system. Thanks to the versatile search filters in Metroc’s software, it takes just a few clicks to get a comprehensive list of these potential customers”, Nikkanen explains.

Loimua also uses customised search filters that are based on housing companies’ technical data. “These filters allow us to identify potential customers even before they get the idea to switch to district heating themselves”, Nikkanen says.

“Metroc’s software gives us real-time information on housing companies’ renovation plans and allows us to identify, for example, housing companies that still rely on oil central heating and might be looking to switch to district heating.”

– Toni Nikkanen, Sales Manager

Proactive customer service

Doing your homework is also important for good customer service. Loimua knows this well.

“Metroc’s software keeps us up to date on our customers’ plans. Knowing what housing companies are thinking of doing next also gives us an opportunity to tell their partners about Loimua’s services”, Nikkanen explains. “Metroc has, for example, given us several leads on turnkey district heating upgrades, some of which have already been converted into new customers.”

Loimua is also coming up with new ways to take advantage of Metroc’s software. “We want to use the software to take our business to the next level. We are already thinking up ways to make more use of Metroc’s software in respect of, for example, our new remote management service.”

“The software allows us to respond to our customers’ needs more proactively and to offer them services that they might not even be aware of.”