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SePu AB amplifies project success with Metroc

In Stockholm's competitive construction industry, SePu AB, part of the SEHED-Byggmästargruppen group, has distinguished itself as a leader in construction services. Their collaboration with Metroc has helped in a new era of efficiency and strategic project acquisition, enabling them to connect with numerous BRFs in need of their expert services.

SePu AB’s commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in their approach to each project, from complex waterproofing to detailed roofing renovations. With Metroc’s platform, they’ve streamlined their process to identify and engage with the most relevant projects, enhancing their operational workflow and maximizing their impact.
– SePu AB homepage

A strategic partnership with tangible outcomes

“Metroc brings us tons of opportunities catered to us. It’s helped us plan our day and prioritize our projects,” says Lars, reflecting on the practical benefits of the partnership.

This is showed by the results SePu AB has achieved: securing four deals within the first six months of using Metroc, with a plethora of promising projects lined up for the future.

The future looks bright

With Metroc’s weekly email reports, SePu AB gains invaluable insights that aid in decision-making and strategy development. This tool has become indispensable, providing a clear overview of potential projects and helping the team at SePu AB to efficiently allocate their resources. SePu looks forward to the future with enthusiasm to utilize Metroc’s capacity. Every week means new opportunities as Metroc can present hundreds of identified renovation plans to housing associations in the local area.

“Metroc’s smart AI solution gives us clear market insights in real time, allowing us to be first in line when it comes to tendering for these renovation projects. This is a huge competitive advantage for us” says Patrik Isaksson Greman, SePu ABs project manager