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Metroc got Suomen Julkisivupalvelut off to a flying start

Suomen Julkisivupalvelut is a façade cleaning specialist that has been using Metroc’s software since it first started in business.

Suomen Julkisivupalvelut Oy is a family business founded by three families in 2020.

Website: Suomen Julkisivupalvelut

“We were wasting resources trying to find customers the traditional way, and our customer acquisition process was hit-and-miss”, says Suomen Julkisivupalvelut’s Managing Director Juha Myöhänen. “Thankfully we discovered Metroc very early on”, he adds.

Rewards from good timing

Changing the approach to customer acquisition quickly paid off. “Proactively searching for projects with the help of Metroc’s software and reaching out to potential customers at the right time have made us much more successful in sales and marketing”, Myöhänen says.

Myöhänen believes that well-timed marketing is also in customers’ interests. “Potential customers are happier to talk to someone who can help them with a project that they actually have in the pipeline. Metroc’s software allows us to identify customers who genuinely need our services. The hit rate of our marketing communications has consequently improved”, Myöhänen explains.

“Metroc’s software has made us much more successful in sales and marketing.”

– Juha Myöhänen, Managing Director

Worthwhile investment

More than 90 per cent of Metroc’s customers consider the software a worthwhile investment. Myöhänen agrees. “We are still a young company and our focus is on growth. The projects and new customers that we have landed have naturally been the biggest benefits of the software for us.”

In just six months of using Metroc’s software, Suomen Julkisivupalvelut has secured several contracts that Myöhänen believes have already more than made up for the investment.

“Three of our projects in the spring of 2021 were directly thanks to Metroc. We no longer have to shoot in the dark”, he says. “We are extremely pleased with the outcome.”

“We no longer have to waste time shooting in the dark or on pointless marketing.”


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