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Mats Forslund Konsult AB: Enhancing housing associations project search with Metroc

Mats Forslund Konsult AB, a pioneer in maintenance planning, has utilized Metroc's innovative solutions to discover new opportunities and fine-tune its strategic approach.

Mats Forslund Konsult AB’s speciality lies in aiding housing associations in developing fresh maintenance plans, with their proficiency encompassing the full range of project management from detailed inspections to boosting energy efficiency.

Utilizing Metroc’s comprehensive database, Mats Forslund has effectively targeted Swedish housing associations planning to implement new maintenance schedules. This strategic approach has resulted in more targeted and productive marketing.

“We teamed up with Metroc to access finely-tuned data, time-specific and project-based, from the annual reports of housing associations. It’s not just a time-saver but has also enabled us to optimize our resource utilization.” – Mats Forslund, CEO

Next-Level Project Identification with Metroc

Metroc’s insights have empowered Mats Forslund AB to be more precise and efficient in its marketing efforts. They’re now able to swiftly and accurately pinpoint potential clients and projects. Furthermore, Metroc’s services bolster other construction firms by supplying critical data on market trends and upcoming renovation projects, fostering a more accurate and profitable business model.

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