Hundreds of leads and dozens of sales for Termex

Termex is a manufacturer of cellulose fibre insulation. Metroc’s software is helping Termex to find new customers, and the company has already made great progress in just a short space of time.


Termex-Eriste Oy is a Finnish thermal insulation company with more than three decades of experience. The company employs 17 people and is based in Saarijärvi.

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Termex’s mission – to provide environmentally friendly customer-driven thermal insulation solutions – is reflected in every aspect of its business. Termex uses Metroc’s software to develop its solutions to better match customers’ needs.

“The software helps us to identify potential customers who might be thinking about upgrading their thermal insulation. It therefore allows us to pursue the right leads and plan ahead.” – Erkki-Jussi Panula, Thermal Insulation Engineer

Sales pipeline and other CRM features enable more systematic sales


Metroc’s software is designed specifically for the construction industry. Every company has its own sales processes, but the software can be tailored to each customer’s specifications.

Termex especially appreciates the CRM features of the software, which it uses to plan and target sales.

“We have found the sales pipeline and other CRM features, such as email reminders, extremely helpful in organising and monitoring our sales process. I used to have to look for information in various different sources and then import everything into an Excel spreadsheet. Since deploying Metroc’s software, I can find the details of construction projects that could interest us, as well as my own notes and records, all in one place.”

In just six months, Termex has contacted hundreds of potential customers and secured more than a dozen thermal insulation contracts thanks to information retrieved from Metroc’s database.

“Metroc’s software has helped us to find hundreds of new leads among housing companies in just six months. These leads have allowed me to land more than a dozen contracts for Termex that I would not even have known about without the software”, Panula says.

We provide our customers with both technical support and tips for improving their sales processes throughout the partnership. Our services include free user training and access to a dedicated customer account manager.

“We have been extremely happy with our partnership with Metroc. Metroc’s customer service includes user training and continuous technical support. Our dedicated customer account manager also gives me practical tips for my work”, Panula says.