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Heatco streamlines its customer acquisition process

Heatco is an engineering office and a wholesale supplier of HVAC systems, which was looking for a cost-effective all-in-one solution.

Heatco Finland Oy is an engineering office and a wholesale supplier of HVAC systems founded in 2001.

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Heatco needed access to comprehensive, up-to-date information on construction projects, property managers and building contractors. “Heatco’s products and services are equally well suited to both new developments and renovation projects, and we therefore wanted to centralise all our information in a single database”, explains Sales Manager Nestori Naukkarinen.

According to Naukkarinen, Metroc’s innovative one-stop-shop concept immediately caught Heatco’s attention. “Metroc’s software is totally unique and specifically designed for our industry”, he says.


“Metroc’s software is totally unique. We are particularly excited about the vast amount of real-time information that it gives us on construction projects and property managers.”

– Nestori Naukkarinen, Sales Manager


Metroc’s software has allowed Heatco to streamline its customer acquisition process and get a better understanding of the market. “One of the biggest benefits for us is the ability to identify potential customers among housing companies and contractors. Metroc’s software has made our customer acquisition process considerably more straightforward.”

The intuitiveness of the software and Metroc’s friendly customer service have also made an impression on Naukkarinen. “I especially want to thank Metroc for its excellent customer service, which I have found very efficient”, he says.

“Metroc’s excellent customer service deserves special praise.”