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A market intelligence platform combining thousands of data points on construction projects and construction companies, from lot sales to contract implementation.

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What does Metroc lead contain?

We have developed a unique solution that combines CRM functionalities with a market intelligence platform, so that you can discover new projects and analyse the market.

Timely information of construction projects at all stages

Be among the first to learn about interesting new construction projects. Our software combs through thousands of documents to gather information on all construction projects larger than a playhouse. Monitor the progress of projects and contact important stakeholders at the right time.

Market analysis

Find more up-to-date and accurate information on the industry than ever before to monitor the competition and conduct market analyses. Filter the data you need from real-time sources and save time by skipping manual searches from multiple sources.

Notices on public procurement

All Finnish public procurement notices are compiled and analysed in our Lead service. Track procurement announcements and procurement decisions, as well as analyse projects in your own domain by e.g. company or city.

Company database and market analysis

With access to a constantly updated database of all Finnish construction companies, you have insights into ongoing construction projects and public procurement decisions that helps you stay on top of the market or analyse your customers, partners, or competitors.

CRM features

Our services always include customer relationship management features. You can add reminders, notes, and labels to easily monitor the progress of interesting contracts and companies. You can also add leads to a sales pipeline and track analytics from completed sales.

Key features

Wide range of built-in search filters
Construction company data
Preview and download documents
Email reminders and notes
Customisable labels and lists
Monitor public procurement notices
Email reminders and notes
Free training and consulting
Technology and data

Where do we get our data?

We develop our software in-house and always based on customer needs in close cooperation with active customers and users. The purpose is to compile and filter information that is useful to our customers’ businesses.

Our solution is available to users directly through a web browser (SaaS) and our database of thousands of data points is automatically gathered from public data sources, which include e.g. corporate websites, news sites, press releases, as well as public registers and interfaces.

Implementing Metroc

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