News - August 10, 2021

Metroc celebrates its two year anniversary

This August, Metroc turns two years old. In just two years, we have developed two products, have had the pleasure to welcome 12 fantastic colleagues to the team and helped over 200 customers. It's time to celebrate!

A lot has happened since we founded Metroc back in 2019 and there are many milestones to be proud of. With our growing team of  12 people, we have been able to develop two products and helped over 200 customers within the construction and real estate industry. Last spring, five angel investors joined our forces. Many pieces have simply been falling into place.

To celebrate, we decided to launch something new. Here is a short recap of what we have been working on the past few months leading up to our birthday – and what we have in store for the future.


New product features and a new look


Since today, our customers have been able to enjoy a new UI and new features in both of our products, Metroc Buildings and Metroc Lead. The new features include new data sources related to the company, building and construction project data we offer as well as new analytics tools.

These updates would not have been possible without our enthusiastic customers, with whom we have been actively developing our solution. We are grateful for the insights and feedback we have gotten regarding our product and its features.

The absolute key in our product development philosophy is to ensure our solution remains easy to use and offers relevant data to our customers. This way we can continue help them save precious time and money in all of their customer acquisition processes.



Here is a short list of the latest product updates included in this launch:

  • Metroc Buildings
    • – New UI
    • – Information on housing company board members
    • – New analytics tools, including a dashboard of new construction projects filtered by construction company


  • Metroc Lead
    • – New UI
    • – Lots of new data sources, e.g. news portals and sites
    • – New analytics tools, including a dashboard that shows what type of public procurements have been made on a company, location or national level


Ready for what the future may bring


We are in an exceptionally good place to continue developing our solution with a fast pace and start offering new services as well. In the future we will also focus on helping our customers with themes such as digitalising sales and customer relationship management.

As always, we are eager to hear feedback on our updates and get new ideas on how to develop going forward. Do not hesitate to be in touch – and do continue to follow our journey, as this year will surely bring with it even more exciting news. One thing is for sure: we are just getting started!

Jussi Virnala
Jussi Virnala
Jussi är VD och grundare av Metroc.