Metroc market database

Construction industry optimized CRM and data of buildings, projects and companies

Metroc market database

Construction industry optimized CRM and data of buildings, projects and companies

We help you develop your business and find new sales opportunities

Metroc market database

Sales opportunities

Our services offer new sales opportunities and the possibility to get information about construction projects that are right for your company at the right stage for you. Our information is updated daily with software automation and brought into an easy-to-use interface. In practice, the information can be construction projects, extensions or otherwise potential customer companies for you. 

Market analysis

Useful information to the construction industry is available from thousands of different sources and is often difficult to find. Metroc compiles these sources into a single service and analyzes the data to gain a comprehensive understanding of buildings, construction projects, and companies in a specific geographic area.

Customer management

In addition to important information, the service includes a state-of-the-art CRM service that allows you to manage customer and sales work. In practice, the service has a built-in CRM, which contains e.g. notes, mailing lists, reminders, and sales pipeline and analytics. If you use your own CRM system for your customers, you can only use our service to find and analyze useful information.


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Metroc Lead

Construction projects

✓ The different stages of new construction and renovation

✓ Public sector

✓ Residential construction

✓ Industry

✓ Infrastructural construction

✓ Construction and real estate companies

Metroc Buildings

Building database

✓ Property data

✓ Property managers and their properties

3 reasons to choose Metroc

Find opportunities first

Our fully automated service leverages machine learning to combine information and provides you with fresh, relevant information: future decisions, projects and procurement.

The whole industry in your fingertips

Do you want to know the events in your area, monitor the whole country or follow a specific company? Metroc enables monitoring of customers, competitors and the market, as well as market analyzes in one package. No more just rumors, but a stark fact.

Works for everybody

Metroc's services are easy to use because it is designed only for the construction industry for both small and large companies. The service package scales according to the scope of your company's operations and the number of people performing customer acquisition.

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Experience the most advanced market information platform in the construction industry

Our goal is to be the best software partner

Modern and easy to use services

  • We utilize the latest technology in the software, e.g. machine learning so that the service works quickly and the data is up-to-date and usable.


  • We develop services exclusively for the construction and real estate industries, so the services are best suited for practical operational processes and business development.

We understand the construction and real estate industry

  • As a software company, we also understand the construction and real estate industry. This is why cooperation with us is seamless.


  • In cooperation with construction professionals, we monitor the development of the industry so that the services meet the specific needs of the industries.

We do things in a new way

  • We develop services openly and closely in cooperation with our customers.


  • We are a young growth company and our goals are high, so we want to do things better and renew traditional ways.

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