Career opportunities at Metroc


Who are we?



Metroc's founders Jussi and Janne had long had a dream of developing their own business, so they decided to combine their expertise. The company is based on Jussi's understanding of the industry and Janne's expertise in software development.


Our team consists of nine experts in our field, each of whom can contribute to the growth and development of our company through their own activities. Our work is reflected in responsibility and freedom. Everyone has a great responsibility to develop Metroc in the right direction and the freedom to do this with their own strengths. Our atmosphere is immediate and open and everyone is allowed to be at work on their own. We believe that with this recipe we can achieve the best result overall.


Our goal is to further accelerate the growth rate. For this we will need more experts in our team!

Metroc with paddle games

What is it like working at Metroc?

We offer job opportunities in the fast-growing SaaS business


Metroc provides construction and real estate companies with sales and marketing of SaaS products. We help our customers find information of interest to them in the construction industry. We have grown organically really fast and have been operating cash flow positively since our second business month.


Metroc offers a unique opportunity to get involved in this success story. We have a lot of responsibility at work and we can influence decision-making quite extensively. Doing the work is extremely rewarding when your own handprint is concretely visible. In addition, you can influence the business of the entire company with your own work input. We also offer excellent opportunities for advancement in a growing company.

Job openings

We are constantly growing our team and jobs are being opened in areas such as sales, marketing and product development.


Leave your free-form application to us and we will take it into account and let you know if a suitable place opens.


You can ask Jussi more about job opportunities or send him your CV or Linked profile directly to him.


Jussi Virnala, jussi.virnala@metroc.ai