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Construction startup Metroc raises €300,000 in funding to expand to Sweden - with prominent investors on board

The Finnish construction industry Metroc Oy startup has raised 300,000 euros in its first round of angel financing. The company provides a market information service to construction and real estate companies that can accelerate customer acquisition with Metroc's services. The company's founders Janne Johansson (left) and Jussi Virnala (right) stand in the Maria 01 growth business center in Helsinki.


Metroc got well-known investors in its first round of financing, which are Ali Omar (Co-founder of Med Group, Fiban angel investor), Henry Nilert (including Iobox founder and Fiban angel investor), Fredrik Löfberg (One of the founders of NordSafety), Jari Paakkarinen (Fiban angel investor, ex-Nokia) and Tuomas Pahlman (entrepreneur, Fiban angel investor). Metrocin have been founded Jussi Virnala and Janne Johansson. 


- The construction sector is a large industry and the digitalisation of the sector is still strongly underway. Metroc's team has an excellent background that combines technology expertise with an understanding of the industry's problems in finding market information. Metroc's customer companies can choose a data package suitable for the market information service to accelerate their growth and find suitable construction projects, says one of the main investors in the round Ali Omar.  


Metroc invests in product development and internationalization


Metroc is a 9-person software company founded in 2019 that has developed its own software services and accumulated more than 150 corporate customer portfolios in 1.5 years. The company's customers include Consti, Sweco and Skaala. The company intends to invest in product development and internationalization, with Sweden as the next market for expansion. 


- With the help of an excellent team, we have succeeded in growing income-financed and developing good services for our customers. We are a company in its infancy and customers have been active in developing our services. It is especially great to involve investors in developing our business strategy, says Metroc's founder and CEO, Jussi Virnala


- Metroc has been able to grow exceptionally fast, without previous external funding, and the covid19 pandemic has not slowed growth. Customer acquisition has taken place remotely and the introduction of the service has been quick and easy for customers, says the second main investor in the financing round. Henry Nilert. - Focusing on one business segment has been an excellent success; customers benefit from customized service and Metroc has been able to hone its data mining technology efficiently. I see significant growth potential internationally, both in this vertical and in other applications, notes Jari Paakkarinen. 


- Our customers have especially praised the service's ease of use. We have made a lot of new innovations in product development even though we are still in the early stages of our journey. In the future, we want to develop new services for our customers and take into account the special needs of the construction and real estate industries, says Metroc's other founder and chief technology officer, Janne Johansson.   


Metroc is developing a market information service for construction and real estate companies, which allows companies to find new construction projects and manage customers in the same service.


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