Data Scientist

Are you an experienced Data Scientist with background in or strong interest for NLP? Would you like to join our journey of reshaping the construction industry through innovative use of data? If yes, let’s talk!

Data Scientist

About the Role

Metroc is a Finnish SaaS company focused on revolutionizing the construction industry and backed by Lifeline Ventures. You can read more about us below. We’re now looking for a Data Scientist to join us.

You are an experienced and entrepreneurial machine learning expert who can take our automatic text classification algorithms to the next level. Our product receives a constant flow of documents in natural language from a large number of sources and recognizes the relevant events and named entities from these texts. Currently, our system is tailored for Finnish language and based on manually curated queries, but your role is to turn this into a modern ML/AI-based system (possibly using large language models) that can be applied to other markets and languages. We already have done preliminary research and have a large annotated database with an innovative annotation process, so you do not need to start from scratch.

We are looking for someone we can build a team around, and who can fluently collaborate both with other technical team members and the business team. We expect you to spend most of your time hands-on developing algorithms, evaluation methods, and data preprocessing. You will collaborate closely with an ML engineer.

What Your Day-to-Day Will Look Like

  • Lead the development of our end-to-end AI/ML stack for document processing.
  • Design ML/AI/LLM-based algorithms to extract information and classify documents for Metroc’s product. Plan a roadmap to bring these models into production to replace our current manually configured system.
  • Design processes for quality control and continuous evaluation and improvement of these models in production.
  • In the future, lead a team of data scientists and mentor junior colleagues.
  • Collaborate closely with the technical and product leadership, educate us about the possibilities, limitations, and risks of machine learning, and continuously develop your own skills and knowledge in the field.

What We’re Looking For

  • Understanding of the fundamentals of Machine Learning and NLP, and the ability to make principled decisions in choosing the right tools for the job.
  • Knowledge of or interest in learning about NLP techniques, including tokenization, language modeling, and embeddings.
  • Experience in bringing machine learning based products or features from zero to production, with success or with failure from which you learned.
  • Proficiency with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch or Tensorflow and you’re able to write clean and efficient code.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset, with the smarts to cut corners when needed, but always keeping the long-term view in mind.
  • Comfortable working in English, but also Finnish language skills are required for you to understand our training data

Next Steps

If the above sounds like your cup of tea and you’re excited about contributing to a high-growth environment and owning your role, then apply today!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to submit an application without using LinkedIn, please reach out to Katariina / Talent Acquisition: 

Role details:

Job type: Full-time, permanent

Location: Helsinki, Finland (Hybrid)


Why Metroc?

  • A community of ambition: Join a team of like-minded professionals who are passionate about reshaping the construction industry and being the number one software partner for our customers.
  • Accelerated learning and real impact: At Metroc, the learning curve is steep, and you’ll have the chance to contribute to one of the fastest-growing startups in our domain. Your efforts will have a direct impact on the company’s development.
  • International expansion: Embrace the opportunity to work in a fast-growing, international environment where innovation and thinking outside the box are encouraged. Challenge the norms and set new standards.
  • Vibrant work culture: Our friendly and down-to-earth colleagues create an easygoing work atmosphere where collaboration and mutual respect thrive.
  • Flexible work arrangements: Our new Helsinki office located in the heart of the city offers a hybrid work environment to suit your preferences.


About Us

Metroc is a Finnish SaaS company focused on revolutionizing the construction industry. We are backed by Lifeline Ventures and are currently a community of 16 professionals in Finland and Sweden. Our mission is to digitalize the construction and real estate sectors, enabling our clients to operate more efficiently and acquire customers more effectively. Our platform gathers, enriches, and analyzes construction data, providing actionable insights to drive growth. We aim to be the leading software partner in the construction and real estate industry in the Nordic countries.

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